Monday, November 1, 2010

Prospective Coaches and Volunteers

IF you are interested in becoming a 4-H Shooting Sports Coach or project leader, check out the link below for more information.

2011 Shooting Sports Coaches' Training Brochure & Schedule

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The time is now, we have talked too long now about getting another discipline started. We have a few that have stepped forward and are ready to get the Rifle discipline going, however, they will need our help. This is not something that is easy so it's time for us adults that are wanting our children to learn the correct way to use a firearm to step up and get off the sideline. Because of where we live and the hobbies we have it is inevitable before our youth with handle a firearm. The time to teach them how to safely operate and respect that firearm is now, not when they are older and think they know. I invite all that are interested to contact me by e-mail so that we can get started. Many may think that there is nothing they can do but that is wrong. No matter what your strengths or weaknesses are, we will find something for you that you feel comfortable doing. Whether you are not certified and want to teach or you are certified and don't want to teach there IS something you can do that will helpful.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 Archery Project Outcome Summary Now Available.

Mangers, Leaders, and Members...

The Archery Project has been a great success with our numbers doubling since the first meeting. We now have 5 certified Archery Coaches in the county. We now have 9 Certified members of the first-ever Cherokee County 4-H Archery Team. A new blog will be created and dedicated to Archery Discipline and can will soon be viewable at:

Please take a little time to look at the archery project outcome summary through the following link.

KEEP CHECKING IN WITH THE SHOOTING SPORTS BLOG....because with the archery discipline up and off the ground, we will begin work on starting the Rifle Project SOON!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


That's right ladies and gentlemen, we are going to leave Wal-Mart with more money than we had when we got there....Hopefully.

Please make plans to attend our first ever Shooting Sports fundraiser bake sale. It will take place in Jacksonville at Wal-Mart on Saturday, November 14th starting at 9:00 AM. Each family is asked to bring at least three different items to sell but more is welcome. You may also make cookies/brownies/cake slices to sell individually if you like, just place them in a sandwich bag. Bring as much as you think would sell, remember, this is for the kids and this is their program so put them to work helping you. 4-H is here to build character in our youth through programs like this so don't leave them out of the preparation. It is important that they see a return on their efforts as well so call in a favor or two from friends and family near by so they may run by Wal-Mart that day to make a contribution. Spread the word. Lastly, make sure that you tell Vonnie if you will not be able to make it so that we can be sure there will be plenty of goodies to sell.

Don't forget to remind the kids about the T-shirts, I am looking foreword in seeing the ideas the kids are coming up with for a team shirt.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


If "the sky is the limit" and "we get out what we put in to it" then we have an opportunity to have one of the best Shooting Sports Programs in Texas. With just minimal advertisement and notice we have nine kids learning what it takes to be an Archer. Imagine what we will have when the word really gets out about all the fun the kids are having and how they are learning to safely handle and shoot a bow.
There is a lot going on behind the scenes that all the parents can help out with. First of all, as you may or may not know, PALS gave us the money to get off and going but that will not sustain us long. We are writing for grants and planning fund raisers but there is more that can be done. If you know some one wanting to donate let us know. Also we need to know the names of the business' in Cherokee County so we can use them first for purchases and keep our hard earned money close to home when possible. Anyone having any helpful information on where we can get archery equipment or even air and small bore rifles for upcoming rifle disciplines please feel free to send me everything you have to my e-mail, no amount of information is too small. Anyone can help, don't hold back.
The first class is already almost halfway way over and the kids are doing really well. There are plans for another archery class coming up after football season and before most of the major shoots start. I hope that our next class will be even larger than the first so start spreading the word. Actual dates will be forthcoming. For the kids taking the class now don't worry, at the end of the six lessons we will sit down and establish some dates to keep building and polishing your technique. Even after the classes are over there will still be plenty of fun to be had and plenty left to learn.
We have added some new archery instructors to our team. Vonnie Anderson and Michele Partin have done their training and will help with instructing the class. I will get their e-mail address' added on the right side soon. I also took the rifle instructor's class and will be able to help with the rifle discipline when we can get that kicked off hopefully next year sometime. Anyone interested in taking part in the rifle discipline please let me know so I can see what kind of interest there is.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The equipment has arrived!!!!! We will kick off our project as discussed in the informational meeting in Jacksonville at the Show Barn on October 16th @ 6:30pm. The second meeting will be on the following Tuesday the 20th, same time, then we will pick back up with the Friday schedule on October 30th and continue meeting each Friday until completion date November 20th. I hope to see all six kids represented at the informational meeting there and a few more. It is not to late to enroll. If you know someone that is interested but has not filled out the paperwork please send me an e-mail @ There is no fee or initial cost to participate, all that is needed is some parental involvement and a kid ready to have some fun learning a sport and shooting a bow.

There is no need to bring personal archery equipment to the meetings.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


will be held at the Cherokee CEO at 6:30 pm on Monday, September 21st. All interested members and parents will need to attend.